Welcome to the PakistanWildlife.Com. There is so much extent glory & everlasting beauty in nature. The nature has offering us with a lot of lovely, amazing and beautiful animals, birds and plants species. The wildlife of Pakistan comprises a diverse flora and fauna. Pakistan contains some of the world’s highest cold areas and lowest hot areas and many intermediate stages, resulting in a great diversity of ecological systems hosting rich and diversified wildlife species. Presently, 174 mammals, 668 birds, 177 reptiles, 22 amphibians, 788 marine fish and 198 freshwater species are reported in Pakistan.

Pakistan also has global importance due to its location on the flyway to central asia and northern india. Indus valley and himalayas provide ample food and favorable habitat. Hence, Pakistan provides winter refuge for millions of migratory ducks, geese, flamingoes, houbara bustard and other migratory bird species.

Currently, only a few such professionals are available in the country and there is dire need to produce such experts who can address the issues related to wildlife education, training and research on wildlife biology and conservation. The perspective of the living things other than human beings makes us feel grateful to God for His blessings, gifts and wonders.